July 4, 2018

Intelligent Pipeline Pigging

In association with our foreign principals, we provide the following services:

* Supply of Pigs of various sizes and quality.

* Perform Intelligent Pipeline Pigging in accordance with latest techniques and procedures as under:

* Calper Pig. Geometric anomalies

* High Resolution MFL ILI inspection for operating pipelines. Inspection for internal, external & other pipeline anomalies.

* Porcupine Technology (Patented). It is for mapping of defect that are difficult for detection and definition by MFL ILI. Defect anomalies such as channeling corrosion, preferential longitudinal weld line corrosion, erosion, general wall thinning, general corrosion & geometric defects.

* GIP High resolution MFL inspection (like the ILI tools above) applied from outside the pipeline for use on non-piggable pipelines in plants, gathering lines, piers, tank farms etc.